What if you could navigate an app just by blinking your eyes? Or, better yet, by the power of your mind? What if you could transform thought patterns into recognizable commands? Well, you can.
The use of brain-computer interfaces for the needs of financial services is greatly – and unjustly – overlooked

A person with far-reaching mobility disabilities navigates a payment app only with their thoughts or eyelids. There’s a simple interface being a carousel of specified operation types – 'transfer', 'history', etc. The user thinks 'right' – the carousel rotates, when it reaches the selected position – they blink to confirm the action. Further steps, like choosing the recipient or amount, proceed similarly.
Man-machine communication in this istance would require e.g. monitoring the EEG waves for the recognition of simple thought patterns (left-right-up-down), tracking the emotional states of the user (bored-nervous-curious) and recognizing facial expressions – eye blinking, smile or lip and head movements.


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