She understands you instantly, replies smoothly, assists you during a car ride, and sometimes even cracks a joke. She's a voice-controlled interface whose job is to let you keep track of all your wealth without ever taking your eyes off the road.
Chatbots and voice-controlled assistants employing artificial intelligence are the next big thing

Taking the last sip of coffee before heading out to work, you reach for your smartphone and fire up an app giving you an overview of the value, structure and profits of all your investments. Before you know it, you find yourself on your front porch, ready to hop into your car and make a dash towards the office.
The app recognizes new context and switches to the car's head unit allowing voice control to take over. A virtual female assistant picks up where you left off, greeting you by your name and presenting you with available options. Maybe you'd like to be brought up to speed on alerts you might not have had time to see before? Find out about how particular stocks are trending? Scour for relevant industry news? All you need to do is talk and listen to an instant reply.
Conversational interfaces allow users to absorb just as much information as they need at a given moment, which, in the era of data overload, is the key to building engagement and great user experience.
Inordinate amount of time spent on driving could be used more productively - by turning our cars into intelligent helpers giving us updates and reports on our everyday matters. Especially if we need to keep our finger on the pulse as it is in the case of investments.

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Conversational AI

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