Katarzyna Pienczk

Data Scientist

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Years of experience: 15

Responsible for: Experimenting with data, coming up with machine learning algorithms, constructing data models

Strenghts: Lucid thinker with a knack to discover complex data patterns
Weaknesses: Can’t stop reading, even in the street

Highlights: Keen on Spanish language, history, literature and culture. Her español is top-notch

Hobbies: Traveling. The farther, the better

Disposition: Inventive and curious about how things work

Dark secret: Managed to discuss philosophical theories with Bhikkhus (Buddhist monks) using… Google translate

Patryk Steckel

Virtual Reality Developer

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Years of experience: 4

Responsible for: Experimenting, running proof-of-concepts

Strenghts: Versatile in programming, a truly analitical mind. Ran multiple research projects involving tools like Microsoft HoloLens, Thalmic Myo Armband, or Emotiv Epoc
Weaknesses: Can’t put his smartphone down

Highlights: Used to be in game development, worked on Sky Baron, one of the best looking mobile games devoted to air battles

Hobbies: Starcraft

Disposition: Pragmatic, not driven by emotions, hedonistic

Dark secret: Prefers food to people

Michał Listwan


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Years of experience: 10

Responsible for: Making things happen

Strenghts: Well-versed in numerous security technologies: Kerberos, XadES, PKI, SAML, SSO, you name it
Weaknesses: Worn out Birkenstocks

Highlights: Ran a marathon in under 3 hours

Hobbies: Cycling (apart from running)

Disposition: Introvert, calm, quiet

Dark secret: Dropped out of doctoral studies

Wojciech Ruchlewicz

IT Architect

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Years of experience: 10

Responsible for: Design and development of multilayer enterprise-class systems

Strenghts: Expert knowledge of technologies related to JVM gained in the positions of Programmer, Architect and Tech Lead. High ability to write clear, easily maintained and testable code using OOP and DDD techniques
Weaknesses: Frequently loses things (but never his temper)

Highlights: Made several mobile apps with the total installation number exceeding 1 million

Hobbies: Open source projects

Disposition: Level-headed, reasonable,easy

Dark secret: Big fan of “My Little Pony” (along with his daughter)

Grzegorz Prosowicz

Head of Product Management for Capital Markets

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Years of experience: 19

Responsible for: Drawing up business development strategy for key investment product lines

Strenghts: Throw any question his way on sophisticated stuff like behavioral finance or performance measurement and attribution – and he’ll come up with an answer in no time
Weaknesses: Coffee. Usually too strong and drank too often

Highlights: Holds a PhD in economics (thesis on efficiency of active investment policy of mutual funds) and is a licensed securities broker

Hobbies: Cross country motorcycle trips

Disposition: Natural-born diplomat, somewhat cunning

Dark secret: Addicted to business trips (did we mention coffee?)

Tomasz Czech

Business Solutions Manager

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Years of experience: 10

Responsible for: Creation of AI-based products to help financial institutions transform for the age of artificial intelligence

Strenghts: Practical knowledge of data-driven finance, combined with creative thinking
Weaknesses: Notorious oversleeper

Highlights: Worked in a dealing room

Hobbies: Googling (that’s nerdy, eh?)

Disposition: Inquisitive, always gets to the bottom of things

Dark secret: Has arachnophobia

Aleksandra Kuta

User Experience / User Interface Designer

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Years of experience: 2,5

Responsible for: Making solutions manageable, problem-solving, getting into people’s shoes

Strenghts: Mad artist type. Creative thinker. Doesn't even know "the box" exists
Weaknesses: Panics when offline

Highlights: Had her ceramics displayed in a NY art gallery

Hobbies: Running weird experiments (like turning kombucha scoby into sustainable leather). Pizza, too

Disposition: Day-dreamer

Dark secret: Harvested energy from electromagnetic waves to charge her iPhone. Works, but too much of a hassle


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