VR world lets you interact with your financial advisor in a whole new way – and actually brings "private" back to "private banking".
Managing money by means of VR goggles – not just spreadsheets – is like making the leap from analog to smart television.

Your smartwatch notifies you through an iPhone app about a change in the investment markets. The sender is your financial advisor, who’s always alert when something of note pops up on the market.
You grab your phone, put it into a VR headset, connect the advisor, and ask her to show you how the market change—and possible responses—may affect your portfolio.
A tiny screen on your wrist then turns into a huge one in your goggles—what you see in 3D is a kind of command center where you have the full overview of the situation. And here’s where you start assessing the whole master plan, taking advantage of visually stunning charts and graphs.
Banking data presented in a reactive 3D environment actually helps you figure out your next best move every step of the way – instead of being just a cognitive load.
From the dawn of time banks invested in security and resilience of their systems rather than optimization of user experience. The second area is where more emphasis must now be placed.
We receive 5 times as much information today as we did in 1986. More or less an equivalent of 34 gigs on an average day. That's why visual communication is the answer, and VR is the highest form of it.
Should VR goggles become as lightweight as a set of glasses, they're poised to become the next computing platform, potentially replacing phones and PCs.

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